Medicina De Familia - Importancia De La Toma De La Presión Arterial: A Propósito De Un Caso Clínico. Hipertensión Arterial Secundaria

MEDICINA的福美来 - Importancia德拉瘤德拉presión动脉:propósito联合国CASO临床意义。 Hipertensión动脉secundaria 注:没有中文版本,只有英文版本
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Abstract: Blood pressure, as with other vital signs, is an expression of health status. Any change in those vital signs indicates an abnormality. The lack of identification of high blood pressure can lead to many systemic changes progressing to the so called “end-organs”, such as heart, brain, kidney and retina, and also increase morbidity and mortality in hypertensive patients. High blood pressure can be easily identified and treated at primary level although is very often silent in this phase. Due to this fact, medical staff (medical practitioners and nurses) are responsible for a rapid diagnosis in order to reduce the numerous secondary effects may take place without an early detection. There are also repercussions from a sociological, economical, medical and psychological point of view if this diagnosis is not seriously taken into account.
翻译后摘要: 与其他生命体征,血压,是一种表达的健康状况。在这些重要的迹象表明任何变化异常。缺乏识别高血压可以导致许多全身性的变化发展,以所谓的“最终器官,如心,脑,肾和视网膜,也增加发病率和死亡率在高血压患者中。血压高,可以方便地识别和处理在基层,虽然是在这个阶段常常沉默。由于这一事实,医务人员(医生和护士)负责快速诊断,以减少许多次要作用,没有早期发现可能发生。也有从一个社会,经济,医疗和心理的角度来看,如果诊断不认真考虑的反响。
Author: B. Poyatos Poyatosa, , , F. Estrada Alonsoa, A.M. Poyatos Chiclanab, A. Cotán Barbadilloc, R.


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