Performance Evaluation Of Event Detection Solutions: The Creds Experience

事件检测解决方案的性能评估:creds的经验 注:没有中文版本,只有英文版本
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Abstract: In video surveillance projects, automatic and realtime event detection solutions are required to guarantee an efficient and cost-effective use of the infrastructure. Many solutions have been proposed to automatically detect a variety of events of interest. However, not all solutions and technologies may satisfy all the requirements of the surveillance scenario. For this reason, performance evaluation of existing event detection solutions becomes an important step in the deployment of video surveillance projects. In this paper, we propose a practical approach that aims at minimizing the ground truth generation problem and the expertise required to evaluate and compare the results by introducing specific requirements of specific event detection scenarios.. This approach is believed to be applicable for an initial evaluation of candidate solutions to a specific surveillance scenario before more exhaustive tests in an integrated environment. The proposed method is under evaluation in the framework of the Challenge of Real-time Event Detection Solutions (CREDS).
翻译后摘要: 在视频监控项目,自动和实时事件检测解决方案是必需的基础设施的使用效率和成本效益的保证。自动检测各种感兴趣的事件,已经提出了许多解决方案。然而,并非所有的技术和解决方案可满足所有要求的监控方案。出于这个原因,现有的事件检测解决方案的绩效评估成为部署的视频监控项目中的重要一步。在本文中,我们提出了一个实用的方法,其目的是尽量减少地面真理产生的问题和所需的专业知识,通过引入特定的事件检测方案的具体要求,评估和比较的结果..这种方法被认为是适用于候选人进行初步评估解决方案,以一个更详尽的测试,在一个集成环境特定的监测方案之前。该方法是根据评估框架中的实时事件检测解决方案(CREDS)的挑战。
Author: F. Ziliani S. Velastin F. Porikli L. Marcenaro T. Kelliher A. Cavallaro P. Bruneaut
Year: 2005
Source: In IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance (AVSS 2005


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