An Efficient Method Of Huffman Decoding For Mpeg-2 Aac And Its Performance Analysis

霍夫曼解码MPEG-2 AAC及性能分析的一种有效方法 注:没有中文版本,只有英文版本
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Abstract: This paper presents a new method for Huffman decoding specially designed for the MPEG-2 AAC audio. The method significantly enhances the processing efficiency of the conventional Huffman decoding realized with the ordinary binary tree search method. A data structure of one-dimensional array is newly designed based on the numerical interpretation of the incoming bit stream and its utilization for the offset oriented nodes allocation. The Huffman tree implemented with the proposed data structure allows the direct computation of the branching location, eliminating the need for the pipeline-violating "compare and jump" instructions. The experimental results show the average performance enhancement of 67% and 285%, compared to those of the conventional binary tree search method and the sequential search method, respectively. The proposed method also shows slightly better processing efficiency, while requiring much less memory space, compared even with those up-to-date efficient search methods of Hashemian and its variants.
翻译后摘要: 本文提出了一种新的方法Huffman解码专为MPEG-2 AAC音频。该方法显着地提高了处理效率的常规的霍夫曼解码与普通的二进制树搜索方法实现。的数据结构的一维数组是新设计的基础上输入的比特流,其利用率为偏移面向节点分配的数值解释。与建议的数据结构实现的哈夫曼树的分支的位置,允许直接计算消除管道需要违反“比较和跳转”指令。实验结果表明,平均性能提高67%和285%,比常规的二进制树搜索方法和顺序查找方法,分别。所提出的方法还显示稍微更好的处理效率,而需要少得多的内存空间,即使与这些日期哈什米安及其变种的有效的搜索方法相比。
Author: Jae-Sik Lee Jong-Hoon Jeong Tae-Gyu Chang
Author Unit: Sch. of Electr. & Electron. Eng., Chung-Ang Univ. Seoul, South Korea
Year: 2005
Source: Speech and Audio Processing, IEEE Transactions on
Volume-OnPage: 13  1206
Publication Date: Nov. 2005


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