The Performance Analysis Of Microwave Thrust Without

无推力微波的性能分析 注:没有中文版本,只有英文版本
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Abstract: The microwave thruster without propellant is a new concept of propulsion, which has the advantage of large thrust, simple structure and high reliability. To provide help for the design study and based on the quantum theory, this paper quantized the electromagnetic field in the conical thruster cavity, educed the formula for thrust calculation. It used the finite element analysis software ANSYS to calculate the Q value of thruster cavities with different resonant modes. Then the thrust was calculated. The calculating results show that the Q value and thrust of the TE012 mode are the maximum which illustrates that it is the best choice for microwave thruster without propellant.
翻译后摘要: 没有推进剂的微波推进器是一种全新概念的推进,它的优点是推力大,结构简单,可靠性高。的设计研究提供帮助和量子理论的基础上,本文量化的锥形推进器腔中的电磁场,得出推力计算公式。它使用了有限元分析软件ANSYS计算推进腔的Q值与不同的谐振模式。然后的推力进行了计算。计算结果表明,Q值和TE012模式的推力是最大的,这说明它是最好的选择微波推进器,无推进剂。
Author: Zhu, Yu1 ; Yang, Juan1 ; Ma, Nan1
Author Unit: 1 National Key Laboratory of Combustion, Flow and Thermo-Structure, Northwestern Polytechnical Unive
Year: 2008
Source: Yuhang Xuebao/Journal of Astronautics
Volume-OnPage: 29  1612-1615


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